Every Year we close our doors for two weeks to give our staff a well earned rest. This year the office will be closed from 8th August 2018 to 22th August 2018

The Website will remain open and operational, however orders, and enquiries, will NOT be processed unit our return on the 22th. Please allow for this delay when ordering.

Thank you for understanding and we wish you all a pleasent summer with lots of sailing. The Team @ NMEAShop



Over the years, Raymarine have produced a number of Interfacing protocols with which their products communicate with each other..


The original SeaTalk, also know as SeaTalk1, was the original and is still in use. This is compatible with ST30, ST40, ST50 and ST60 Instruments, along with all of the ST range of Autopilots. Please note that ST50 instruments, early Autohelm and the very latest ST70 pilots do not use the cresent shaped 3 way connector.


was released as a system that was expected to be compatible with the NMEA2000 protocol, which at the time SeaTalk2 was released, had not been finalised. SeaTalk2 is not found on any of the current product range, but can be connected to SeaTalkNG and NMEA2000 with the appropriate adaptor cable.


SeaTalkNG is Raymarine's version of NMEA2000. The Next Generation. Adaptor cables are available for direct connection to NMEA2000 Networks. SeaTalkNG Cables have an additional wire in them which is used to carry SeaTalk1 around the vessel on a common cable. Again SeaTalkNG to SeaTalk1 adaptor cables are available. SeaTalkNG has a much higher data speed than SeaTalk1, which allows more data to be transfered, more quickly.


SeaTalkHS is Raymarine's Hi-Speed Networking system that allows large data transfer between display's. Radar, Echosounder and Chart Data is transfered on this network. It is similar in principle to computer networking.

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