Actisense NDC-4-ASW NMEA0183 Autoswitch

Actisense NDC-4-ASW NMEA0183 Autoswitch
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Actisense NMEA Autoswitch - NDC-4-ASW


Autoswitch up to 5 NMEA devices to your PC, Chart-plotter, Radar, Autopilot and more, with NMEA 0183 HS compatibility and ISO-Drive ...

This Actisense® NMEA Multiplexer / Combiner allows connection of up to five NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) inputs, autoswitches them to its two fully isolated NMEA outputs.

This approach offers these major advantages:

  • Completely removes the need for isolated power supplies - as the NDC-4 creates a full 2500v isolation barrier between it's inputs and each of it's ISO-Drive outputs
  • Enables the vessel owner complete access to all NMEA data sources, instead of the standard one device
  • Any problematic or unwanted NMEA sentences can be filtered out / blocked, to help intelligently reduce the NMEA data to a manageable amount and prevent data loops
  • Each NMEA input device is Opto-isolated from all other NMEA device in the system
  • Significant reductions in installation cost (from reduced cable lengths and requiring only one NMEA cable to be routed around the bridge to supply the multiplexed NMEA data

The NDC-4 has two ISO-Drive outputs which are fully compatible with all standards: NMEA 0183 (RS422), RS485 and PC RS232 ports.

New feature: This version is Pre-Configured as an Autoswitch which will automatically prioritise a particular input. This allows the data from up to four NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) input devices to be switched to a single NMEA output, by determining the highest priority device with good data.

The intelligent Autoswitch will guarantee that the best input device is always selected to supply the NMEA data output, automatically choosing the next highest if the current highest priority input device should fail for any reason.

The NSW-1 Autoswitch contains intelligent software that determines the highest priority device based on one of three reasons:

  • A complete failure to send any NMEA data
  • Corrupted NMEA data detected (with checksum calculation)
  • If the validity flag(s) contained within the NMEA data indicate that this data is not valid and should only be used with caution

Electrical spike protection is provided as standard on all four input channels using opto-isolators. This protects any connected equipment from most system faults; a particularly valuable benefit as equipment requiring the most data, such as a PC or chart plotter, is often the most expensive to repair or replace.

The NDC-4 Data Multiplexer contains intelligent software that manages the multiplexing operation, allowing every input to have a chance of its data reaching the combined NMEA output. Tested up to and beyond a combined 400% loading of the four inputs

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